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Zombie Killer Race Android Game

Zombie Killer Race by TopApps

Zombie Killer Race Android Game

Zombie Killer Race Android Game

Hopping behind the wheel of a muscle car and running down hordes of zombies is a boat load of fun and that’s exactly what you get with TopApps all new Zombie Killer Race for Android game.

Gameplay is straight forward and has you navigating through your town in search of zombies to slaughter. The landscape forever changes and offers a little more difficulty to maneuver toward the targeted undead. Killing zombies scores points so the more you kill the higher your score. The music is quite Chilling and the graphics have you set in a horror-show.

Zombie Killer Race is action-packed and quite fun for a twist on the average racing game.

Zombie Killer Race Game Features

- Super-Up Muscle Car
- Horror Show Feel
- Swarms of Zombies to kill
- Action Packed Racing Game

Zombie Killer Race is Now Available Free on Google Play

Sheep Happens iPhone Game

Sheep Happens By Kongregate

sheep happens iphone game

Sheep Happens Free iPhone Game

Sheep Happens Game for IOS is chaos from start to finish. Launched and updated recently by Kongregate this running game makes you maneuver around other runners, obstacles, and sheep falling from the sky as you chase down the swindling Hermes. Along the way you’ll have to collect coins to spend in the shop and upgrade your gear. You can also buy fashionable and powerful hats to help you. An online feature allows you to challenge friends and post the best run you have.

Sheep Happens is Free to Play and offers enough replay value to keep you interested.

Sheep Happens Game Features

- Run in a truly chaotic and comical ancient arena
- Catch the swindling Hermes and battle him in a fast-paced mini game
- Upgrade your character and run even further
- Collect hats with unique and powerful abilities
- Invite your friends and compete for the top score

Download Sheep Happens free for iPhone or iPad from the Appstore

UNO & Friends Android Game

UNO & Friends by Gameloft

UNO & Friends Android Game

UNO & Friends Android Game

Leave to the good folks at Gameloft to take a classic card game and ‘socialize’ it. That’s what they did with the UNO & Friends Game for Android. Most of us are used to playing UNO with family and friends anyways but add in a few million more friends and it takes the UNO card game experience to a whole new level .

UNO & Friends is basically fast fun on a mobile device and is exactly like the classic game of cards you would regularly play. Shuffling is done automatically and the basic mechanics are the same. Place cards of same suit, color or wording on the discard pile. Draw cards if you can’t put any down and remember to shout UNO when you only have one card left. Linking to Facebook adds the ‘friends’ experience to the game which sends it to the social aspect where the challenges and opportunities to play are endless. The game does offer in app purchases but is totally free to play.

UNO is a great card game and UNO & Friends is only the next evolution of a classic.

UNO & Friends Game Features

- Create games and invite your friends to play!
- Challenge millions of UNOTM fans worldwide!
- New leaderboards let you see how you stack up with weekly contests to win rewards!
- Customize your UNOTM game with backgrounds, card deck designs & special effects!
- Use Boosts & Super Boosts to mix up your strategy!
- Play online multiplayer matches over 3G or Wi-Fi!

Download UNO & Friends free from the Android Appstore

Baseball Slam iPhone Game

Baseball Slam By Zynga

Baseball Slam Free iPhone Game

Baseball Slam Free iPhone Game

It seems Zynga tries to hit a homerun with every new game they develop and with the all new Baseball Slam iPhone Game they may have just done it again. In this twist on the classic American game you get to ‘Slam’ your way through over 100 challenges and battle against friends. Turning baseball into a arcade hit.

Gameplay is simple, smooth and satisfying. Their are power ups available, along with unlockable bats and characters to help you take on your opponents. The graphics are amazing but can be taxing on your device if you have anything else open while playing.

Baseball Slam is a freemium where as you can buy digital content using real money. As of now, we have not had a problem moving through the game with the free content. This is a brilliant well thought out game that gets more and more exciting.

Note : Baseball Slam Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Supported on iPhone 4, 4S & 5, and iPod Touch 5th generation and iPad 2 or newer. The game is not supported on iPhone 3GS, iPad 1, and iPod Touch 4th generation or older

Baseball Slam Game Features

- Compete with your friends online
- Go for 3 stars in over 100 challenges
- Unique, dynamic, and destructible levels
- Unlock characters and special Bonus Bats
- Boost your score with over-the-top Power-ups!

Download Baseball Slam Free for iPhone from the App Store

Into the Dead Android Game

Into the Dead by PikPok

Into The Dead Android Game

Into the Dead Free Android Game

PikPok has raised the bar with great graphics and gameplay in its new free Android game, Into the Dead. The world is naturally overrun with the dead and you are a survivor. But how long can you last in this zombie apocalypse.

Into the Dead Android game offers challenging missions and minigoals. The gameplay is as intense as it gets for a zombie game, with weapons galore and enough perks to keep you alive and running for along time. One of the featured highlights for me was the pet dog that you can obtain. This dog will follow you around, kill zombies and cry when you die. All this adding to an already good game. This is a good action Android game and the free price tag rings it up a few more notches.

Into the Dead App Features

- Intense gameplay with stunning visuals & sound depicting a grim zombie apocalypse
- Unlock an arsenal of powerful weapons and perks to help you stay alive
- Missions and minigoals provide constant challenges to overcome
- Challenge your friends to beat your high scores

Download Into The Dead for Android Free from the Appstore

Emotipon! iPhone Game

Emotipon! By Quan

Emotipon! Free iPhone Game

Emotipon! Free iPhone Game

Emotipon is a free iPhone Puzzle game targeted towards the casual gaming market.

Emotipon iPhone game is based on a unique Japanese invention that’s swept the world — emoticons. It blends emoticons with puzzle and RPG elements, to create a completely unique game.

Emotipon can be picked up and played in less than a minute. Simply connect “emotigems” together in long chains to score big combos and rescue over 200 unique, hyper-cute helper characters. You can take these helper characters into each puzzle stage for a variety of bonus effects, and there are 10 worlds packed with stages to explore. Additional features include a daily drawing to get random helper characters, a stamp card that you can trade in for big bonuses, and much more.

An Android version of Emotipon will be available in August, and a variety of updates, including new stages, characters, events, and interoperability with Quan’s popular “Lounge” social network application are all on the way. Emotipon is currently available in two languages, English and Japanese in the App Store.

Emotipon! Game Features

- Quick, easy-to-play puzzles that are perfect to fill up a free minute.
- 200+ hyper-cute helper characters to collect.
- 10 different worlds packed with multiple stages.
- Daily drawings for rare characters.
- Collect stamps every day to trade in for bonuses.

Download Emotipon! Free from the App Store

Guess Song Quiz Android Game

Guess Song Quiz by Alfa Production

Guess Song Quiz Android Game

Guess Song Quiz Free Android Game

A few weeks ago Alfa Productions launched their new Android Game Guess Song Quiz. Being a free Android game I jumped right in do give it a go. After a few levels I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this music game. First you listen to original piano song clips, then test your music skills to guess the title or artist. Being a music fan I was drawn into this game as it features both today’s pop hits as well as classic songs. The songs are not always easy to guess but getting family or friends involved to help out is a plus.

Guess Song Quiz is a free Android app, however you can purchase digital content in game with real money. Choose your settings accordingly.

I’m having a lot of fun with this game. The biggest fun factor for me has been the “re-discovery” of some great music. I’ve even been over to YouTube to here full songs. Some levels are extremely challenging (especially level 10) but you can figure them out.

Guess Song Quiz Features

- Catchy song clips that’ll make you want to shake your groove thang
- Share via FB or Twitter to get help from your friend
- Know it but can’t guess it? Skip, Get Hints, or Reveal the Answer
- Fun gameplay, perfect for a get-together

Download Guess Song Quiz Free from the Android Appstore

iPro.DJSampler iPad App

iPro.DJSampler By iThirtySeven

iPro.DJSampler Free iPad App

iPro.DJSampler iPad App

iThirtySeven released their new iPad music app iPro.DJSampler. This free app was designed and developed by a team of industry professional DJs, EDM Producers & Musicians. It offers DJs and musicians a professional, creative music sampler with simplicity and speed at their fingertips. This App incorporates a beautifully designed real-world interface.

The DJ sampler was developed with a cutting edge XY Pad to control 16 effects including Pitch, Gating & Roll effects, Filters, along with the standards like Flanger, Delay and Reverb. There’s also a high-end Time-Stretch feature to time-stretch loops & samples to any BPM and the ability to Load your own Samples. The app is free and includes a free sample pack with 16 samples, including loops, vocals & sound effects. More packs, effects and features can be purchased via the in-App iPro Store. Here you’ll find packs from some of the World’s leading DJs & producers, including Steve Aoki, Sidney Samson, Nick Thayer & Dirtyphonics from labels such as Dimmak & OWSLA. Also available are the iPro Sample Packs, including Dubstep, Electro, Dutch House, Rap, Male & Female Vocal packs.

Overall this is a very simple and easy to use App for the DJ and musician alike. The free packs are a great start and the ability to load your own samples makes it a must have free iPad app.

iPro.DJSampler App Features

•Load & trigger hundreds of samples at ultra fast speeds
•Drop vocal samples & sound effects over your DJ sets
•Play loops & sounds on the fly to create awesome live performances.

Download iPro.DJSampler Free from the App Store

Sugar Rush iPhone Game

Sugar Rush by Full Fat Games

Sugar Rush Free iphone Game

Sugar Rush iPhone Puzzle Game

It seems candy games are all the rage these days and Full Fat Games has jumped into the action with their new Sugar Rush iPhone Game. Combining the currently popular candy with popping puzzle action has proved to be fun and entertaining.

Billing Sugar Rush as the new king of match 3 Puzzle Games for iPhone, Full Fat seems to be making a quick run at Candy Crush and has offered this game for free. Basically you choose the best boosts mix and Pop as fast as you can to try and hit a perfect Rush. You flick a variety of delicious sweets up and down, hope to find special and rare candies and jackpots to trigger and a lot more. This is a good free puzzle game with an entertaining theme. Addiction to sugar or popping optional!

Sugar Rush Game Features :

- Swipe to make huge matches

- Find and pop all the special candies

- Equip sweet boosts
- Challenge and gift friends

- Win prizes everyday!

Sugar Rush is free and available exclusively through the App Store Now.

Pocket Mobsters iPhone Game

Pocket Mobsters By Massive Damage

Pocket Mobsters Free iPhone Game

Pocket Mobsters iPhone Game

Pocket Mobsters for iPhone is a Role Playing Game (RPG) that offers you the chance to rule your city and try to become the biggest mob boss in toen. Already the number one game in Canada this free iPhone game offers an massive multiplayer 8bit experience.

The storyline for Pocket Mobsters is very funny and grabs your attention from the start. You set out in your life of crime tasked with building a crew from some famous and not so famous group of mobsters. From this point on you will have to knock some heads around and whack other live players as you build your empire. You can invite friends to team up with them and form alliances to defend or upgrade your turf.

The graphics are cool and the gameplay is fun. This is a freemium so, there are real money purchases available. Overall this is a good free RPG for iPhone that will keep you entertained.

Pocket Mobsters App Features :

- Massive Multiplayer Online game
- Unique location-based gameplay transforms your neighbourhood to a Chicago styled pixel town
- Fight, whack and chat with other players LIVE
- Recruit an amazing variety of famous and not-so-famous mobsters, all with unique attacks
- Invite friends to form strong Cartel alliances
- Team up with other players to upgrade and defend your turf
- Beautiful 8-bit pixel art graphics
- Immerse yourself in the hilarious storyline
- Live Events that will take you around the world

Download Pocket Mobsters iPhone Game Free from the App Store

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