World Webcams Android App by TJunod


World Webcams Android App

Watch the sailboats–or peer through the fog–in San Francisco Bay. Try to catch a glimpse of the Loch Ness monster, or enjoy the night lights on the Eiffel Tower. Enjoy the bird’s eye view from 75 different webcams around the world, from Mount Fuji to Bora Bora and Caracas to Kilimanjaro, with World Webcams Android App from Tjunod. Add up to 20 of your favorites to the webcams already included with this inspiring Android app by simply pasting or typing the URL for each source. Arrange for a default webcam every time you start World Webcams Android App, or let the application choose a random scene. Refresh for an instant update of the current location, and watch the boats move across the bay, or the traffic zip along the highway.

World Webcams Android App Features

- Maintain a list of favorite webcams and add new sources from anywhere in the world
- Set images as wallpaper and allow them to auto-refresh for the latest shots
- Create picture-in-picture backgrounds with widgets in 2 different sizes
- Share images via email or SMS, and save images to your SD card
- Switch to landscape mode, toggle full-screen, and zoom for a closer view

World Webcams Android App

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